Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Mexican Monsters on the March

BCI Eclipse, a subsidiary of The Navarre Corporation is the company responsible for those genre specific 10 packs (10 horror movies, 10 science fiction movies) you've been seeing over the last few years. A few of the films in these sets--notably their copies of House on the Edge of the Park, and Sonny Chiba's Streetfighter--are mastered from high quality source materials, though most obviously come from VHS masters. Quality aside, BCI's 10 packs were a great way to sample a ton of obscure movies dirt cheap. The last few horror entries in the series started running out of steam, featuring low end direct to cable films from the nineties. Apparently the well had run dry.

BCI Eclipse is back in the horror game with a forthcoming set of foreign double features under the umbrella title Crypt of Terror (thanks to a report from Bloodydisgusting.com), with the first two releases focusing on flicks from south of the border. No word yet on picture or sound quality, but the films Cemetery of Terror and Grave Robbers in the first set, followed by Night of the Bloody Apes and Curse of the Doll People, are all flicks I've heard of and wanted to check out, but never had the opportunity to see. If BCI's previous buckshot approach to programming holds true, at least one of these--hopefully more--should be worth the effort.

The first sets release on August 8.

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