Tuesday, July 25, 2006

More DAY OF THE DEAD casting news

Bloody-disgusting.com has ammended its statement regarding the cast of the new Day of the Dead. Mira Sorvino will not be starring, but Mena Suvari will be playing Sarah, a role originated by Lori Cardille. It's fairly easy to see how that mistake could be made. Ving Rhames will still be starring, but rather than reprising his character from the 2004 Dawn of the Dead as I had hypothesized, Rhames will be playing Captain Rhodes, a role originally played by Joseph Pilato in the 1985 original. Pilato's inability to give the character any depth beyond his one note "military a-hole" performance was one of the original's greatest weaknesses. Rhames seems an excellent choice to add dimension to the character.

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