Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Creepshow 3 Looks Just Plain Awful

Yet another sequel that completely misses the point of the original. You know that old joke about the guy who claims he owns the hatchet that George Washington used to chop down that cherry tree? "It's the original all right, although it's had two new heads and three new handles since then." That's pretty much how I feel about Creepshow 3. The original film adapted several of Stephen King's short stories and was directed by George Romero. The whole reason for Creepshow to exist was to showcase these two horror icons, though obviously the film's success relied more heavily on King's mainstream appeal. Since neither is involved in the third installment, what's the point?

There are three trailers available at the Creepshow 3 website, one each for three of the five stories from the anthology. Graphics and sound effects don't appear to be complete, but I don't see how polishing these things any further will make them any more palatable.

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