Monday, April 30, 2007

DON'T Trailer

The reason for the financial failure of Grindhouse at the U.S. box office is going to be debated for some time to come. Some say it was just too long, some believe the average filmgoer didn't understand what the film was trying to do, and others think The Weinstein company didn't market the film properly. While I think the length was at least a partial issue, I don't have a definitive answer, but ultimately I don't think it will matter. This movie will find it's audience on DVD, and eventually settle into the role of cult classic.

The fake trailers were an absolute hoot, so here's the trailer for the non-existant film Don't, directed by Edgar Wright of Shaun of the Dead fame. It looks, quite intentionally, like a European film from the 70s, capturing the feel of the era quite nicely.

Retromedia's Blood Flood Recalled

I've been looking forward to the triple feature Blood Flood from Retromedia. Three bonafide trash classics from the grindhouse/drive-in era including Andy Milligan's Guru the Mad Monk, a Mexican flick from late in Boris Karloff's career called House of Evil, and most importantly Grave of the Vampire, which I reviewed here on Omega Channel some time ago. What's not to love? Grave of the Vampire has long been a favorite, and as I pointed out in my review the film is long overdue for a quality DVD release. The Alpha Video DVD is atrocious looking, but until now it was the only game in town. Considering the number of hits my review has been getting lately from the link at IMDB, I assume there must be a fair amount of interest in this new release. As soon as the disk arrived from Netflix I put it on and was dismayed to learn that while this version of Grave of the Vampire is visually superior to the Alpha Video version by leaps and bounds, the audio is unfortunately out of synch by several seconds. I went to Retromedia's website to email them about this, but as you can see on the Retromedia home page, they are well aware of the problem. The disk is being recalled and will hopefully be reissued before long. If you've purchased the disk, check the Retromedia page for instructions on what to do.

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