Thursday, October 25, 2007

Streaming Horror Film

You're Scaring the Children was distributed in the mid 1990s by its creator via what he was calling shareware video. I'm no longer certain where I first learned about the video, but it was either on the alt.horror Usenet newsgroup or a horror listserv mailing list I was subscribing to. The deal was this guy would send you a copy of this film just for the asking, and you had the right to copy and distribute it as you please. Now that I finally have the technological capacity to do so, I'm doing just that.

You're Scaring the Children grabbed me right away, and it's become one of those videos I watch once a year or so. It's not a film in the traditional sense, but more of a short horror story with video illustrations. The video work is barebones black and white with the narrator speaking directly to the camera, recounting the various bizarre occurrences that happened at Seacrist Elementary School.

I've never seen anything quite like it (and I've seen a LOT of horror movies) and I still find the video downright haunting. After a little Googling I was able to determine that the video was the work of an author who goes by the name of Soren Narnia. You can check out his website right here, and he's self-published several collections of his short stories that you can find on Amazon and other online retailers. I contacted him awhile ago just to make sure I still had his blessings to distribute his video online and he was good enough to give the thumbs up.

I've broken the video into four parts for ease of uploading, and you can link to all four parts below. I figure if I'm so fond of this video there's got to be someone else who will find it interesting. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

You're Scaring the Children, Part 1

You're Scaring the Children, Part 2

You're Scaring the Children, Part 3

You're Scaring the Children, Part 4

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