Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dawn of the 3-D Dead

The original 1978 Dawn of the Dead is being retro-fitted as a 3-D film and will be re-released to theaters. The Hollywood Reporter tells us the project is being undertaken by New Amsterdam Entertainment and In-Three who will be using their proprietary dimensionalization software to add depth to what, in my humble opinion, is one of the greatest horror films ever to grace a strip of celluloid.

The only other film ever to be retroactively turned into 3-D is A Nightmare Before Christmas. Nightmare was a stop-motion animated feature and Beowulf, whose amazing 3-D spectacle damn near made me soil myself, was computer generated, so I'm curious how well the process will work on a live action film. Frankly, I'd be glad to see a 2-D version of Dawn on the big screen, but what I'm wondering is will this be a truncated version of the film? Dawn was originally released unrated to theaters, but you can't really get away with that today. Most theater chains will not carry unrated films, and newspapers will not carry ads for them. There was also an R-rated version of the film floating around at one point, so is this the one that's going to get the 3-D treatment? Maybe the uncut version could be resubmitted, but damn, those long lingering scenes of disembowelment would be hard pressed to get an R even today.

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jordieboii said...

when id dawn of the dead in 3D coming to DVD?

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