Saturday, May 31, 2008

Not One But TWO new Ed Wood Films

Tim Lucas of Video Watchblog recently posted links to these rough trailers for Andre Perkowski's two Ed Wood collaborations. Granted, these movies were made two decades after Edward D. Wood Jr.'s death, so I guess homage is a better term, but they are based on his writing. These things are pretty whacked, but unlike Wood's own films they come by their whackness (yes, I'm making up words) by design rather than accident. I'm dying to see the full versions of these and Lucas promises to let his readership know if and when further news should surface about these films obtaining any kind of release.

The retro juvenile delinquent flick Devil Girls was shot in 1999 on 8mm and 16mm film (yes, FILM, people) with the footage laying undeveloped for years. Devil Girls is culled from one of the trashy novels Wood wrote to support himself later in life.

Vampire's Tomb is from an unfilmed script that was to have starred Bela Lugosi and I think it's my favorite of the two. I just love that bit with the giant spider and what the hell is going on with that floating trombone? Also shot on 8mm and 16mm, the grainy black and white really works in the film's favor, and it's downright Wood-ian.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the enthusiasm! Sounds like you'll get a kick out of "Tomb" - send a message to the youtube account and (in evil film Nazi voice) "we'll let you know."

ConcernedinCleveland said...

Well your blog posts have collided - this guy has a Cinematic Titanic cast member doing cameos in his new videos at - yep, the Crow guy. Perkowski is prolific, hit and miss and hit again, and as ambitious as those weird claims.

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