Thursday, June 01, 2006

MONSTER! - Zine Week Part 13

Monster! ran for over fifty issues as a xeroxed pamphlet. Issue 55/56 discusses Hamburger Movies, films that the cinephile has only read about but is dying to experience first hand. With obscure films being so much easier to find these days, the Hamburger Movie phenomenon is not as far reaching as it once was. Editor Tim Paxton spends much of the issue writing about films he's dying to see like Frankenstein's Kung Fu Monster (holy crap), Horrors of Spider Island, and the Coffin Joe vehicle Tonight I'll Incarnate in Your Corpse. As one who spent many hours drooling over all those cool looking movies in the Sinister Cinema and Something Weird Video catalogs, this issue really struck a chord with me.

Monster! eventually evolved into Monster International, an ultra slick downright heavy magazine focused on international horror films. The expansion was a bold move, but as I recall the mag only lasted for a few issues. Monster International eventually made it onto the web, but the site has not been updated since 1996.

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David Zuzelo said...

Too Cool! My wife lived with Tim around the time he was doing the zines and we met via Mr. Monster! himself. He did the layout work for my Ascension of the Blind Dead chapbook actually and is still working as a graphic artist.

A truly great zine, Tim Lucas started writing on Jess Franco back in Monster! way back when actually, and Tim's house is a real kick...loaded with Franco posters of course.

Matt Bradshaw said...

Cool. I wasn't aware that Tim Lucas had done any fanzine work. I first saw his work in Gorezone.

Tim Lucas said...

You're thinking of Tim Paxton, not me (Tim Lucas); he was the Francohead behind MONSTER INTERNATIONAL.

For the record, I did do some fanzine work in my teens, even published a couple, but so far I've successfully suppressed them. I also wrote for CINEFANTASTIQUE for 10 years before I started writing for GOREZONE.

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