Thursday, June 01, 2006

THE JOE BOB REPORT - Zine Week Part 12

Yes, THAT Joe Bob. John Bloom, a.k.a. Joe Bob Briggs, the world's only drive-in movie critic, was known at the time for his syndicated column and the fact that he was the host of TNT's Monstervision and Joe Bob's Drive-In Theater on the Movie Channel. The Joe Bob Report was a 16-pager with printing and paper that most zine publishers would have killed for. Joe Bob was one of the first to realize that direct-to-video films were the then modern versions of drive-in movies. Review chores were shared with "Joe Bob's Board of Drive-In Experts."
A favorite feature was "Find That Flick" in which a reader would write in and request that Joe Bob's readership identify some mostly forgotten film from the reader's childhood.

The Joe Bob Report eventually made its way onto the world wide web, and it can currently be found here. Unfortunately updates are not as common as one might hope. More recently, Joe Bob has become known for his books Profoundly Disturbing : The Shocking Movies that Changed History and Profoundly Erotic : Sexy Movies that Changed History.

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MrBaliHai said...

I've been involved with various 'zines since the late '70s, and I just wanted to leave a comment to let you know how much I appreciate this series of posts. Thanks!

IL said...

Fantastic reading here. I have to track down some of these fanzines. Ebay, here I come!

Matt Bradshaw said...

And thanks to mrbalihai for the link from his website.

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