Wednesday, May 31, 2006

VIDEOOZE - Zine Week Part 11

Subtitled Your Guide to Obscure Horror and Exploitation on Videotape, Videooze focused primarily on European films. Unlike many of its contemporaries, this zine always sported a professional looking layout and featured writing that would range from good to downright scholarly. The article "Bedeviled Bava" from issue #4 compared in great detail Mario Bava's Lisa and the Devil to the heavily tampered with version that was released as House of Exorcism. It was because of content of this caliber that Videooze often reminded me of Tim Lucas's Video Watchdog. There were some great interviews too, featuring European exploitation veterans like Christina Lindberg from Thriller-A Cruel Picture, a.k.a. They Call Her One Eye, and Spanish horror star Paul Naschy.

Click on any image for a closer look.

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David Zuzelo said...

Wow...another blast. Bob Sargent is currently running the great (and co-modded by myself) Eurotrash Paradise on yahoo groups.

Here ya go:

Neil said...

Videooze was introduced to me by the editor/publisher himself,Bob Sargent at a Famous Monsters' con in '93-i enjoyed Bob's zine and even got to add a few of my humble drawings to a couple issues-after striking up a friendship via our mutual love of the horror genre,i'm proud to say we've become good friends-

I also had the pleasure to be Bob's 1st mod on the ETP back when i dared him to try a talk group-now look at the results,thanks to the Woofman's obvious passion for Eurotrash films and the help of his new,improved mod,the Zman!

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