Monday, May 29, 2006

LET IT BLEED - Zine Week Part 4

Let It Bleed
Zine publishing schedules were often less than reliable. On the other hand, Dan Cziraky's Let It Bleed was one of the most consistently published zines that I dealt with. Dan used a straightforward newsletter style without any flashy design tricks. Let It Bleed covered horror related news and gossip and the latest happenings in model and toy circles, as well as reviewing films. Dan's writing style pulled no punches. If he liked your work he said so, if not, may God have mercy on your soul. Let it Bleed published a horrorscope in every issue: “Leo: Beware of Libras carrying chloroform, a surgical gown, a full set of operating knives, and seeking liver donations.” Sound advice.

I see Dan's byline on reviews in Phantom of the Movies' Videoscope, and you can see some of his book and film reviews at

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Dan Cziraky said...

Hey, Matt, thanks for including me in your retrospective! I had a ball doing "Let It Bleed!" (the zine that answered the question, "What do you do after you pick the scab?") from 1994-1997. Not long after I stopped publication, I joined forces with The Phantom of the Movies and started writing for VideoScope magazine. I had previously written for Cinefantastique, Anime-Fantastique, Femme Fatales, Toxic Horror, Imagi-Movies, Visions (a one-shot), Scream Queens Illustrated, Chiller Theatre, SPFX: Special Effects, and even the old "Castle Rock: The Official Stephen King Newsletter" zine. I made the move to the web in 1999, writing for, and then briefly for Cinescape Online. (You can still find my old articles on there by just putting my name in their search field.) Today, while still writing for VideoScope, you can also see my Star Wars collecting-related posts on (

Clayton George said...

Man, Dan, you and I danced around each other but never knew the other was there. I still have a pile of CFQ, FF, Toxic, and even a couple Castle Rocks. Might make a " Dan Afternoon ", and go digging for that Cziraky Gold in amongst the other palaver.

Dan Cziraky said...

Most of my contributions to FF were in the first four issues. That first year was awesome, but towards the end my relationship with editor Bill George became strained by his weird insistence of putting in details that either never happened, or weren't necessary (like an actress stirring a cup of tea). Still, those were great interviews with people like Andy Sidaris, Joe Bob Briggs, and a two-parter with Elvira.

Matt Bradshaw said...

And I have to say how delighted I am that this post from 11years ago is still getting comments!

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