Monday, May 29, 2006

SCHLOCK - Zine Week Part 2

My connection to Schlock actually pre-dates my time with Factsheet 5. The Journal of Low-Brow Cinema and Culture, as it was subtitled, was the first publication to print my film reviews (Thanks, John!). Schlock experimented with many sizes and formats, with the tabloid newspaper style being the one used most often. Video reviews weren't so much concerned with recent releases as they were with mining B Movie gold from the least traveled video store shelves. Articles included pop culture ephemera like “Will the Real Darrin Stevens Please Stand Up?!,” which compared and contrasted the merits of the two actors to play Samantha Stevens's better half. Music reviews focused on lounge music and the like, with a healthy dose of kitsch. Beth Accomando's Asian Files was an ongoing feature covering Asian cinema.

Schlock was the brainchild of John Chilson who currently runs the Stumptown Confidential website, which is “Documenting Portland, Oregon, [and occasionally the entire Northwest] architecture, history, and culture through photos, postcards, and words.”

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Anonymous said...

Hey there Matt, thanks for the post [and for bringing back some great memories]. There's a great store here in Portland, Reading Frenzy, that specializes in zines. I love that place, though I feel like an old "zinester burnout" whenever I visit ["Back in my day, dangnabbit, we used stamps and the mail, you little whippersnappers."]

Matt Bradshaw said...

My pleasure, Schlockstar. It's been a blast digging through all these old zines. I'm grateful that my packrat mentality never let me get rid of them. Zine Week, of course, has only just begun.

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